Best New York Slogans, Nicknames & State Mottos [2024]

New York is a state located on the East Coast of the United States. It is bordered by New Jersey and Pennsylvania to the south and Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Vermont to the east. With a population of over 19.5 million people, it is the fourth most populous state in the United States and the most populous city in the country.

New York City is the cultural, financial, and media capital of the world. It is home to iconic landmarks like the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty, Central Park, and Times Square.

In this post, you will find Catchy New York State Slogans, New York State Motto, And New York Nicknames.

New York State Motto

1. Excelsior (“Ever Upward”) 

2. “Audemus Jura nostra defendere” (“We dare defend our rights”) 

3. “Dieu et mon droit” (“God and my right”) 

4. “E Pluribus Unum” (“Out of many, one”) 

5. “Justitia Omnibus” (“Justice for all”)

New York State Nicknames

1. Empire State

2. Big Apple

3. The Excelsior State

4. The Knickerbocker State

5. The Empire State of Mind

6. The I Love NY State

7. The State of Opportunity

8. The Melting Pot State

9. The Gateway State

10. The Hudson Valley State

11. The Adirondack State

12. The Capital State

13. The State That Never Sleeps

14. The Maple State

15. The Flower State

16. The Third Coast State

17. The Breadbasket State

18. The Vacationland State

19. The Crooked Lake State

20. The Tax Free State

21. The Americas Melting Pot

22. The Birthplace of Women’s Rights

23. The Birthplace of American Revolution

24. The Birthplace of Jazz

25. The Birthplace of the Skyscraper

26. The Birthplace of Modern Finance

27. The Birthplace of Hip Hop

28. The Birthplace of American Industry

29. The Birthplace of the American Flag

30. The Birthplace of the American Constitution

31. The Birthplace of the Telephone

32. The Land of 10,000 Lakes

33. The Catfish Capital of the World

34. The Apple State

35. The Maple Syrup Capital

36. The Cheese State

37. The Native American State

38. The Great Lakes State

39. The Ski Capital of the East

40. The Niagara Falls State

41. The Hudson River Valley State

42. The Finger Lakes State

43. The Empire State of the East

44. The Ski Capital of the World

45. The Blue Line State

46. The Baseball State

47. The Basketball State

48. The Hockey State

49. The Thruway State

50. The Capital Region State

51. The Saratoga State

52. The Whiteface Mountain State

53. The Empire State of Sports

54. The State of Fairs

55. The Adirondack Region State

56. The Lighthouse State

57. The Canoe Capital of the World

58. The Horse Racing State

59. The Thruway of Nations

60. The Freedom Trail State

61. The Thomas Paine State

62. The Maple Leaf State

63. The Niagara Wine Region State

64. The Thousand Islands State

65. The Thousand Lakes State

66. The Home of the Brave State

67. The Wine Capital of America

68. The State of Lakes

69. The State of Mountains

70. The State of Waterfalls

71. The State of Festivals

72. The State of Festivals and Fairs

73. The State of Arts and Culture

74. The State of Innovation

75. The State of Higher Education

76. The State of Diversity

77. The State of Family Fun

78. The State of Natural Wonders

79. The State of Easy Living

80. The State of Open Spaces

81. The State of Nature

82. The State of History

83. The State of Unspoiled Beauty

84. The State of Amusement Parks

85. The State of New York Style Pizza

86. The State of Ice Cream

87. The State of Bagels and Lox

88. The State of Bagels

89. The State of Mines

90. The State of Mining

91. The State of Music

92. The State of Theater

93. The State of Broadway

94. The State of the Arts

95. The State of Cuisine

96. The State of Fine Dining

97. The State of Shopping

98. The State of Attractions

99. The State of Sports

100. The State of Adventure

Catchy New York Slogans

1. “The Big Apple: the City that Never Sleeps”

2. “I Love New York”

3. “The Center of the Universe”

4. “The City of Dreams”

5. “The Capital of the World”

6. “The Melting Pot of America”

7. “The City of Opportunity”

8. “The City That Never Stops”

9. “The City That Inspires”

10. “The Empire City”

11. “The Gateway To The World”

12. “The Capital of Entertainment”

13. “The City That Never Fails To Amaze”

14. “The Center of Commerce”

15. “The Heart of America”

16. “The City Where Anything is Possible”

17. “The Melting Pot of Cultures”

18. “The City of Lights”

19. “The City of Bright Lights”

20. “The City That Never Stops Growing”

21. “The City of Superlatives”

22. “The City of the Future”

23. “The City of Dreams and Ambition”

24. “The City of Innovation”

25. “The City of Opportunity and Progress”

26. “The City of Diversity”

27. “The City of Possibilities”

28. “The City That Never Stops Moving”

29. “The City of Skyscrapers”

30. “The City of Life”

31. “The City That Never Says Die”

32. “The Epicenter of Culture”

33. “The City That Never Slows Down”

34. “The City of the Arts”

35. “The City That Never Yields”

36. “The City of Taste”

37. “The City of Independence”

38. “The City That Lives and Breathes”

39. “The City Where Dreams Come True”

40. “The City That Never Gives Up”

41. “The City of Opportunity and Ideas”

42. “The City of All Things Possible”

43. “The City of Endless Possibilities”

44. “The City of Innovation and Creativity”

45. “The City That Keeps On Giving”

46. “The City Where Anything is Possible”

47. “The City of Limitless Opportunities”

48. “The City That Never Stops Shining”

49. “The City That Never Fails To Deliver”

50. “The City of Endless Adventure”

51. “The City of Life and Activity”

52. “The City That Never Sleeps”

53. “The City Where Dreams are Made”

54. “The City of Opportunity and Possibilities”

55. “The City of Life and Inspiration”

56. “The City of Wonders”

57. “The City of the Future”

58. “The City of Light and Diversity”

59. “The City of Progress and Innovation”

60. “The City of Vibrant Energy”

61. “The City of Open Doors”

62. “The City of Unending Possibilities”

63. “The City That Never Stops Surprising”

64. “The City of Opportunity and Success”

65. “The City of Imagination and Creativity”

66. “The City of Excitement and Inspiration”

67. “The City of Endless Experiences”

68. “The City That Always Inspires”

69. “The City of Adventure and Discovery”

70. “The City of Nonstop Action”

71. “The City That Never Stops Moving Forward”

72. “The City of Possibility and Achievement”

73. “The City of Strength and Resilience”

74. “The City of Diversity and Inclusion”

75. “The City of Opportunity and Growth”

76. “The City of Bold Ideas”

77. “The City of Big Ideas”

78. “The City of Inspiration and Ambition”

79. “The City of Opportunity and Progress”

80. “The City of Innovation and Inspiration”

81. “The City of Endless Possibilities”

82. “The City of Progress and Passion”

83. “The City of Action and Excitement”

84. “The City That Always Has Something New To Offer”

85. “The City of Vision and Achievement”

86. “The City of Change and Opportunity”

87. “The City of Possibility and Creativity”

88. “The City of Diversity and Success”

89. “The City That Never Stops Dreaming”

90. “The City of Vibrant Ideas”

91. “The City of Promise and Progress”

92. “The City of Unrivaled Possibility”

93. “The City of Limitless Potential”

94. “The City of Unstoppable Potential”

95. “The City of Unparalleled Possibilities”

96. “The City of Limitless Dreams”

97. “The City of Enduring Ideas”

98. “The City of Limitless Opportunities”

99. “The City of Boundless Possibilities”

100. “The City of Unmatched Possibilities”

Famous New York Tagline

1. The City That Never Sleeps 

2. The Big Apple 

3. I ♥ NY 

4. The Empire State 

5. The Center of the Universe 

6. Where Dreams are Made 

7. The City So Nice, They Named It Twice 

8. The Capital of the World 

9. Constantly Changing, Forever Exciting 

10. The Greatest City in the World 

11. New York—Yes, Yes, Yes! 

12. The Most Exciting City in the World 

13. Gateway to America 

14. Fun City 

15. The City of Opportunity 

16. The City of Dreams 

17. The City of Superlatives 

18. The City That Never Stops 

19. The City That Has It All 

20. The City of Tomorrow 

21. The City That Has It All 

22. The City That Has Something for Everyone 

23. The City of Endless Possibilities 

24. The City That Has Everything 

25. The Greatest City on Earth 

26. The City of the World 

27. Times Square—The Crossroads of the World 

28. The Center of Everything 

29. The Heart of the World 

30. The City Without Limits 

31. The City of the Future 

32. The City of Lights 

33. The City That Never Loses Its Shine 

34. The City That Never Stops Surprising 

35. The City of Dreams and Possibilities 

36. The City of Opportunity and Inspiration 

37. The City of Possibility 

38. The City of Innovation 

39. The City of All Colors 

40. The City That Never Stops Growing 

41. The City of Endless Possibilities and Dreams 

42. The City of Endless Adventures 

43. The City That Never Stops Inspiring 

44. The City That Never Stops Evolving 

45. The City That Is Always On 

46. The Capital of Culture 

47. The Capital of Creativity 

48. The Capital of Cool 

49. The Capital of Coolest 

50. The City of Innovation and Inspiration 

51. The City That Lives and Breathes 

52. The City of Arts and Culture 

53. The City of Dreams and Ambition 

54. The City That Never Settles 

55. The City That Never Ceases to Amaze 

56. The City That Never Stops Moving 

57. The City That Never Stops Growing 

58. The City That Is Always Changing 

59. The City That Never Stops Exploring 

60. The City That Shines Bright 

61. The City That Is Always Alive 

62. The City That Has It All 

63. The City of Unstoppable Energy 

64. The City That Never Stops 

65. The City That Doesn’t Sleep 

66. The City That Has Something for Everyone 

67. The City of Endless Possibilities 

68. The City of Endless Experiences 

69. The City of Enduring Dreams 

70. The City of Limitless Opportunities 

71. The City of Unstoppable Vibes 

72. The City of Limitless Horizons 

73. The City of Endless Inspiration 

74. The City of Big Ideas 

75. The City of Boundless Possibilities 

76. The City That Has Something For Everyone 

77. The City of Five Boroughs 

78. The City of Contrasts 

79. The City that Will Always Surprise You 

80. The City That Never Stops Surprising 

81. The City That Never Fails to Amaze 

82. The City of Possibilities and Dreams 

83. The City of Joy and Excitement 

84. The City That Inspires 

85. The City That Never Stops Evolving 

86. The City of Endless Possibilities and Dreams 

87. The City That Never Stops Growing 

88. The City of Bright Lights and Big Dreams 

89. The City That Has Something for Everyone 

90. The City That Is Always Moving 

91. The City of Opportunity and Inspiration 

92. The City of Diverse Experiences 

93. The City of Opportunity and Dreams 

94. The City of Five Boroughs and Countless Adventures 

95. The City That Has It All 

96. The City of Endless Adventures 

97. The City of Constant Change 

98. The City of Unstoppable Energy 

99. The City of Big Dreams and Big Ideas 

100. The City of Possibility and Inspiration


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