Best Chicago Slogans, Nicknames & State Motto [2024]

Chicago is a city located in the state of Illinois in the United States. It is the third most populous city in the United States and is known for its iconic architecture, rich cultural heritage, and diverse cuisine.

In this post, you will find Catchy Chicago State Slogans, Chicago State Motto, And Chicago Nicknames.

Chicago State Motto

The official state motto of Illinois, of which Chicago is the largest city, is State Sovereignty, National Union.

Here are 100 nicknames for Chicago, Illinois

  1. The Windy City
  2. Second City
  3. The Big Onion
  4. Chi-Town
  5. The City That Works
  6. The City of Broad Shoulders
  7. The Paris of the Midwest
  8. The Railroad Capital of the World
  9. The City of Neighborhoods
  10. The City of Big Dreams
  11. The Home of Al Capone
  12. The City of Jazz
  13. The City of Blues
  14. The City of Skyscrapers
  15. The City of Festivals
  16. The City of Foodies
  17. The City of Big Eats
  18. The City of Arts
  19. The City of Architecture
  20. The City of Lakes

Catchy Chicago Slogans

  1. Chicago: The Windy City.
  2. Chi-town: Heart of the Midwest.
  3. Where History Meets Progress.
  4. The City That Works.
  5. The Best of Both Worlds.
  6. A Metropolis with a Heart.
  7. Chicago: Always in Motion.
  8. The Ultimate Destination.
  9. Limitless Opportunities.
  10. Unleash Your Inner Chi-Towner.
  11. Discover the Real Chicago.
  12. Experience the Magic of Chicago.
  13. Chicago: It’s a State of Mind.
  14. Discover Your Second Home.
  15. The Heart and Soul of America.
  16. The Jewel of the Midwest.
  17. Chicago: Living Life to the Fullest.
  18. A Place Like No Other.
  19. The World at Your Fingertips.
  20. Unleash Your Potential in Chicago.
  21. Chicago: A World-Class City.
  22. Empower Your Dreams.
  23. The Chicago Experience.
  24. Unlock Your Potential in the Windy City.
  25. Discover Your Inner Chi-Towner.
  26. The Place Where Anything is Possible.
  27. Life in the Fast Lane.
  28. Discover the Magic of the Midwest.
  29. Where the Sky’s the Limit.
  30. The Hub of the Midwest.
  31. Discover Your Inner Explorer.
  32. The Windy City: Your Next Adventure.
  33. Find Your Path in Chicago.
  34. Discover Your Potential in the Heart of America.
  35. The City That Shines.
  36. A Place of Endless Possibilities.
  37. Discover Your Next Great Adventure.
  38. Unleash Your Dreams in Chicago.
  39. Where the Future is Now.
  40. Discover the Power of Chicago.
  41. The Place to Be.
  42. Discover Your Next Big Break.
  43. Unlock Your Dreams in the Windy City.
  44. Chicago: Your Gateway to the World.
  45. Where Dreams Come True.
  46. Discover Your Destiny in Chicago.
  47. A Place of Unlimited Possibilities.
  48. Unleash Your Inner Explorer.
  49. Discover the Secrets of the Windy City.
  50. Life in the Heart of America.
  51. Find Your Place in Chicago.
  52. Unlock Your Potential in the Heart of the Midwest.
  53. Discover the Best of Chicago.
  54. Where Your Dreams Meet Reality.
  55. Discover Your Path in the Windy City.
  56. Unleash Your Inner Chi-Towner.
  57. Life in the Heart of the Midwest.
  58. Discover Your Next Adventure in Chicago.
  59. Unlock Your Dreams in the Heart of America.
  60. Discover the Power of the Midwest.
  61. Life in the Windy City.
  62. Find Your Potential in Chicago.
  63. Discover Your Next Big Thing.
  64. Unleash Your Dreams in the Heart of the Midwest.
  65. Discover the Magic of America.
  66. Find Your Place in the Windy City.
  67. Discover Your Inner Explorer in Chicago.
  68. Unlock Your Potential in the Heart of America.
  69. Chicago: A City of Endlessly Exciting Possibilities.
  70. Discover Your Dream Life in the Windy City.
  71. Unleash Your Inner Chi-Towner in America’s Heartland.
  72. Find Your Fortune in the Heart of Chicago.
  73. Discover the Dynamic Spirit of the Windy City.
  74. Unlock Your Dreams in the Heart of the Midwest.
  75. A City of Endless Opportunities.
  76. Find Your Calling in the Windy City.
  77. Discover Your Inner Adventurer in Chicago.
  78. Unleash Your Potential in the Heart of the Heartland.
  79. Discover the Thrilling Vibes of the Windy City.
  80. Find Your Path to Success in Chicago.
  81. Unlock Your Dreams in America’s Second City.
  82. Discover the Soul of the Midwest in Chicago.
  83. Find Your Home in the Windy City.
  84. Discover Your Inner Creator in the Heart of America.
  85. Unleash Your Ambitions in the Heart of the Midwest.
  86. Discover the Dynamic Energy of Chicago.
  87. Find Your Passion in the Windy City.
  88. Unlock Your Inner Innovator in the Heart of America.
  89. Discover the Exciting Lifestyle of Chicago.
  90. Find Your Destiny in the Heart of the Midwest.
  91. Unleash Your Inner Visionary in the Windy City.
  92. Discover Your Dream Career in the Heart of America.
  93. Find Your Purpose in the Heart of the Midwest.
  94. Unlock Your True Potential in the Windy City.
  95. Discover the Unlimited Possibilities of Chicago.
  96. Find Your Place in America’s Second City.
  97. Unleash Your Inner Explorer in the Heart of the Midwest.
  98. Discover the Rich Culture of the Windy City.
  99. Find Your Future in the Heart of America.

Famous Chicago Tagline

  1. Chicago: The Windy City
  2. Second City: Always First in Laughter
  3. Chi-Town: Where The Blues Began
  4. City of Broad Shoulders
  5. The Heart of America
  6. The City That Works
  7. Where the Great Lakes Meet
  8. The City of Big Shoulders
  9. Where the East Meets the West
  10. The City of Neighborhoods
  11. The Crossroads of America
  12. City of Big Dreams
  13. Chicago: A World Class City
  14. The City of Tomorrow
  15. The City of Big Things
  16. The Home of the Blues
  17. Where the Midwest Meets the World
  18. The City of the Future
  19. The City of Change
  20. Chicago: Always in Motion
  21. Chi-Town: A Place to Call Home
  22. The City that Shaped America
  23. Chi-Town: A Place to Grow
  24. The Home of the Tallest Building
  25. The City of the Blues
  26. The City of Good Eating
  27. The Home of the Cubs and Sox
  28. The City That Never Sleeps
  29. The City of the Big Lake
  30. Chi-Town: A Place of Innovation
  31. The Windy City: Where the World Comes Together
  32. The City of the Future: Today
  33. The Heart of the Midwest
  34. The Home of the Bean
  35. The Place to Be: Chicago
  36. The City of Firsts
  37. Chi-Town: A Place of Possibilities
  38. The City of Culture
  39. The Home of the Hot Dog
  40. The City of Giants
  41. The Home of the Blues and Jazz
  42. The City of Diversity
  43. The Home of the Great Lakes
  44. The City of Progress
  45. The Home of the Bulls
  46. The City of Art and Architecture
  47. The Home of the White Sox
  48. The City of Action
  49. The Home of the Cubs
  50. The City of Legends
  51. The Home of the Blackhawks
  52. The City of Opportunity
  53. The Home of the Sears Tower
  54. The City of Adventure
  55. The Home of the Deep Dish Pizza
  56. The City of Bold Moves
  57. The Home of the Museum Campus
  58. The City of the Future: Yesterday
  59. The Home of the Navy Pier
  60. The City of Dreams
  61. The Home of the Blues Brothers
  62. The City of Ambition
  63. The Home of the Field Museum
  64. The City of Creativity
  65. The Home of the Skyline
  66. The City of Energy
  67. The Home of the Magnificent Mile
  68. The City of Growth
  69. The Home of the Architecture Tour
  70. The City of Hope
  71. The Home of the Art Institute
  72. Chi-Town: A Place to Experience
  73. The City of Inspiration
  74. The Home of the Green Mill Jazz Club
  75. The City of Imagination
  76. The Home of the Taste of Chicago
  77. The City of History
  78. The Home of the Lincoln Park Zoo
  79. The City of Vision
  80. The Home of the Chicago Theatre
  81. The City of Culture and Commerce
  82. The Home of the Lakefront Trail
  83. The City of Progress and Preservation
  84. The Home of the Adler Planetarium
  85. The City of Life and Liberty
  86. The Home of the Buckingham Fountain
  87. The City of Dreams and Realities
  88. The Home of the Wrigley Field
  89. The City of Stories and Legends
  90. The Home of the The Chicago Riverwalk
  91. The City of Warmth and Welcoming
  92. The Home of the United Center
  93. The City of Unity and Diversity
  94. The Home of the Grant Park Music Festival
  95. The City of Hope and Opportunity
  96. The Home of the Chicago Marathon
  97. The City of a Hundred Neighborhoods
  98. The Home of the House of Blues
  99. The City of Life and Adventure in the Windy City


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